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United Ireland

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United Ireland

Welcome to United Ireland: 32 Counties, 32 Questions.

United Ireland is a weekly podcast about the issues that matter to you. 

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Tired of basic-ass broadcasting? Bored of hearing the same old voices debating the same old issues? Sick of polarised debates and people fighting? Want a pep in your step, and to learn some smart shit? Welcome to United Ireland.

From Andrea Horan and Una Mullally, the people who brought you Don't Stop Repealin', United Ireland is a weekly 32-episode podcast delving into the issues you care about in Ireland, and around the world. Every week, we’ll focus on an Irish county, and bring you smart and sound conversations about an issue relevant to that county and beyond, along with brilliant guests. 

United Ireland exists as a result of our (and hopefully your!) desire for better, smarter media, and broadcasting that’s fun and informative. We have no financial backers. We’re doing this on our own in pursuit of quality, intelligent chats, and media that means something. This podcast is completely independent and not affiliated with any media company.

In order to make this podcast brilliant, we need your help! Can you spare a few euro a month to support us as we make United Ireland the best pod in town?

The more people support our work, the better the podcast will be. Supporters will also get bonus content - check out our supporter tiers for all the deets on that.

While supporters get loads of extra stuff, obviously we want United Ireland to be for everyone, so we’re not putting anything behind a paywall (why yes, we are that sound). But if you like what we’re doing, and could throw us some euros each month instead of screaming at the TV or radio in frustration, we’d all be winners.  

If you can’t afford to throw us a few quid, don’t worry about it. We’d love you to listen, share the pod, give us a nice review, and spread the word.

United Ireland drops every Thursday, every week. 

Nice one!

Andrea & Una