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TropPop Night Out, In: #1 Feb 26th

Tropical Popical

TropPop Night Out, In: #1 Feb 26th


Roll up, Roll up - it's our first virtual party.

We are really, REALLY, really missing having the chats with you guys, doing fab nails natch and also our after work drinks.  So we're merging it all together for our new Friday Night Fiesta!

So you're probably wondering, what's involved?

Well, we'll be kicking things off with the best part of the night - getting ready!  We'll be giving away a TropPop voucher to our best dressed party goer.  Think leopard, lips, lashes and large hoops (earrings obvs).  Or whatever feels good for you.  We're sick of not having a reason to get glam, so set some time aside before kick off to put on a lip, maybe do your tan, pick out a lewk and let's set the stun-o-meter to 100.

Next, our resident mixologist Maggie will be showing you how to put together our chosen drink for the night.  We'll be sending an email in advance with all the bits you'll need to have at home for the creations. 

(slight disclaimer, Maggie isn't a mixologist but we're not gonna split hairs at this stage of a pandemic)

Now, we're looking glam and drinking glam, we need nails to match.  Megan will be doing a nail look for you all to get involved with at home.  Again, we'll send out what you'll need in an email before the night.

While our nails are drying, we'll be doing a quiz.  We know, we know, are we here again.  But we promise this one will be the craic.

And then finally, we'll have a lil disco.  I mean, we are all dressed up, we need somewhere to go.  We'll announce the winner of the best dressed and then as every good night ends, we'll go and eat some toast.