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Tropical Popical Ridey Raffle FINAL WEEK

Tropical Popical

Tropical Popical Ridey Raffle FINAL WEEK


And now, the time has come, for us to face the final RIDEY RAFFLE.

What a whirlwind rollercoaster that lockdown was.  We've waited patiently for four months for this time to come and now that it's here, we're ecstatic. 

So we figured to celebrate our return to being a functioning nail bar again, we'd do one last raffle with the same prize as week 1.

For this final week, the prize is a year's worth of free manis (either a mini mani a week or a gel polish mani every 2 weeks or extensions every 4 weeks).

To enter, you simply buy an entry here for €10 and we'll pick the winner on Friday and then we'll see you NEXT WEEK!!!!

You can enter multiple times to increase your chances of winning.