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€50 TropPop Gift Voucher with 10% Donation to Women's Aid

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€50 TropPop Gift Voucher with 10% Donation to Women's Aid


As we head into lockdown, we know ppl are soundly doing their best to support local and we were so appreciative of the support we got from ppl buying vouchers during the last lockdown.

And as much as we'll need the support, we're also cognizant of those who are going to have a much more difficult time during this period.  People in abusive relationships and victims of sexual abuse are now facing into a heightened period with the restrictions.  So for the duration of lockdown you can choose to buy a voucher that we'll be donating 10% of the value to either the Women's Aid or the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

Calls to Women’s Aid went up by 43 per cent between March and June, and visits to its website rose by 71 per cent. Anecdotally, Noeline Blackwell from the DRCC said, helpline volunteers are reporting calls “from people saying that people at home with them are angrier. They’re drinking more, they’re more frustrated. And where is it easiest to offload that anger? If you’re abusive, the easiest target is somebody in the home”.

You can read this article from last week's Irish Times for more information.

You can support Women's Aid here:

You can support Dublin Rape Crisis Centre here: